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BuyShield Warranties: Better Prices, Better Coverage

November 8, 2011

So you’ve been waiting months for that new device. When it finally comes out, you rush to the store to pick it up. Or maybe you’re already there because you’ve been camping out for the last week or so (nothing wrong with that, right?). There’s nothing better than tearing apart that crisp new packaging that some poor designer probably spent months perfecting, only to see it discarded in favor of the true prize: Your new toy.

A few blissful weeks pass, and your new device hasn’t left your side. Heck, you’d shower with the thing if it were waterproof! You’ve personalized your toy and have it working just the way you’d like; for better or worse, your entire routine is now based around it.

Then, it happens: The device slips out of your hand and shatters on the unforgiving pavement, or worse…in the toilet.

It’s okay
, you think frantically. This can be fixed! You know a guy who knows a guy who can fix shattered smartphone screens, or you can MacGuyver the water out of your device using only rice, a Zip Lock bag, a gum wrapper, and a rubber band — you’ve seen it done!

Alas, the device is never the same. What once worked flawlessly now carries with it a few, let’s call them quirks. The touchscreen doesn’t respond like it used to, or it automatically sends copies of every text message you send and receive to your mother. Uh-oh…

Of course, you could have saved yourself the hassle and worry that comes along with breaking and trying to fix your favorite new toy; you could have just purchased a BuyShield warranty and ensured coverage of your device in case of an accident!

Let’s take a look at BuyShield warranties, as well as some of the great new changes to their service and website!

Why BuyShield

Forget for a minute all those devices you’ve dropped in the toilet. Take into consideration that about 1 in 5 products you buy will fail within three years. Those odds aren’t very reassuring considering just how expensive they can be. Having to replace a device can put an even bigger dent in the ol’ wallet.

A BuyShield warranty can eliminate the frustration and additional cost you’ll find when replacing your broken device. Cover your smartphones, mp3 players, TVs, computers, laptops, tablets, cameras, gaming consoles, watches, tools and appliances at surprisingly low costs.

It may not seem like you’re saving money up front, especially considering you have to pay extra for the coverage. But later on down the road when that device fails (or your shaky hands fail you, which ever comes first), you won’t be paying the full price to replace it. $20 now can save you $200 later!


Recently, BuyShield added a widget to their page. This is probably the most useful feature you’ll find in determining whether an extended warranty is for you or not. You’ll notice it up in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This widget gives you a quote quickly and easily.

Simply choose the general category from the first drop-down menu; a second drop-down menu will pop up allowing you to choose the exact item you’re looking to cover. Select the condition of the item, whether it’s New or  Used/Refurbished, and then enter the price you paid.

When you click the Get a Quote button, your quote will appear instantly. From there, you can choose to either save the quote or view the warranty details. You can also view the price ranges or start over from scratch.

Drops and Spills

Drops and Spills coverage protects you from accidental damage and handling. Go forth at ease  knowing you’re covered whether you spill something on your device or drop it. There are some exceptions, including theft, loss, or reckless and/or willful damage stemming from using the item in a manner it was clearly not intended for. Also, pre-existing conditions and cosmetic damages are not covered.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, BuyShield recently adjusted their pricing. Extended warranties through BuyShield were already low, but now they’re even lower, giving you more freedom to buy the coverage you want!

Extended plans range from 1 to 4 years, and the terms are convenient and flexible. Fit your exact needs easily and at an affordable price. With rapidly changing technologies, you may not want to cover your smartphone for 3 years, however, that new gaming device may fit perfectly with a plan that covers your for 4 years!

Major Retailers

BuyShield warranties cover purchases made from all major retailers. Shop at,, Best Buy, eBay, NewEgg, WalMart and more, knowing full-well that you can cover your purchase for years to come.

With better prices, better coverage, and hassle-free claims, buying an extended warranty from BuyShield is a no-brainer. It’s hard to pass up on a sure thing!

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