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Free Shipping Option from The North Face

February 23, 2012

If you’re into outdoor activities and exploration at all, chances are you own at least a few items made by The North Face. This isn’t much of a surprise though; The North Face has been a leader in outdoor equipment and apparel since people started exploring. Well, maybe not from the beginning, but we’re pretty sure we’ve seen pictures of Lewis and Clark decked out in North Face gear!

You already know that shopping for North Face gear through KickItBack will earn you an additional 2.5% cash back on your purchase, but now The North Face has added a completely new incentive to shop online: Buy online + Ship to store = FREE SHIPPING!

It’s pretty simple: Shop at The North Face online, use KickItBack to earn your cash-back rewards, and ship your items to a North Face Store near you for free. It’s an easy way to get the exact item you’re looking for, earn cash back, and save money on shipping costs!

Not sure if there’s a store located near you? Head to The North Face’s convenient Store Locator tool.

With over 50 locations in the United States alone, chances are you’re close to a shipping destination. You’ll find stores in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and South America as well. If you’re not close enough to a North Face store, take advantage of everyday low shipping costs at The North Face, and be sure to get those awesome 2.5% cash-back rewards through KickItBack — the savings will pile up!

Check out a few of our favorite items:

Men’s Alpine Project Jacket

This jacket is perfect for quick-paced and technical activities where weight is crucial. The lightweight shell allows for maximum dryness, yet breathes enough to keep you from overheating. Fully adjustable hood with hidden cord locks and laminated hood brim lets the hood fit to your head without getting in the way and becoming a liability in dangerous situations.

The Alpine Project Jacket comes in a variety of colors, and will set you back $350. Sounds like a lot, but this bad boy will keep you warm and dry for years to come!

Women’s Alpine Project Jacket

The Alpine Project Jacket provides protection from wind and water as any hard shell would, but this hooded jacket also works great as a layering piece in colder climates. The fit allows for maximum flexibility, and the hood adjusts to your head to provide great coverage without getting in the way. Hand pockets and chest pocket give plenty of storage.

Choosing your favorite color might just be the hardest decision you’ll face when buying this jacket! At a cost of $250, you can rest assured that you’ll be wearing the Alpine Project Jacket for years to come.

Remember, shopping with KickItBack will earn  you an additional 2.5% cash back on your purchase. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for daily updates!

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