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KickItBack Deals on Costumes for the Workplace

October 5, 2012

Are there any career folks out there looking for a good costume idea for 2012? With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year (boo!) there may be a lot more adults who end up trying to add some spooky-spice into their work day at the office.

Don’t worry, savvy online shopper! There are so many great costume companies that have partnered with KickItBack. Plus, there are a ton of sales and promo codes out there so you can be sure to secure yourself a great costume at killer price–all while earning cash back while you shop. Spook-tacular!

Here are some pretty nifty ideas, in case you still need a little inspiration. You can also check out our Halloween-Fun Pinterest board if you’re still needing even more freaky-fun ideas.

Costume Kingdom

At Costume Kingdom, you can find lots of new-for-2012 costumes and earn 6.5% cash back on each purchase.

Shipping will be automatically free with any order over $50.00 and you can save an additional 10% off any purchase (no minimum) with the promo code: CK10.
Costume Kingdom | Halloween Costumes | Cash Back shopping

Let’s face it. No one wants to go to work dressed up like a frumpy old potato, even if that potato is sporting a delightful cheesy grin. But it’s not like you’re selling a professional standard by showing up dressed as a sultry cat-woman or a slicked up Spartan 300 warrior.

Seriously. Do not show up to work like that!

I think this Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head t-shirt idea covers the base of being festive, yet not over top when it comes to dressing up at work. Plus, if it gives you an excuse to break out the jeans on a Wednesday, go for it!

Costume SuperCenter

Over at Costume SuperCenter, KickItBack shoppers can earn 5% cash back on their purchases. There are a few good promo codes available to you as well.

10% off $20 purchase (ends 10/15): SAVE10C
$10 off $75 purchase (ends 10/15): SAVE75
$15 off $100 purchase (ends 10/15): SAVE100Costume SuperCenter | Halloween costume sales | Cash back shoppingI agree that this mystic mermaid costume may not be the easiest thing to sit down at a desk in. It probably makes walking a tad difficult as well, but if you’re employed as someone who does a lot of standing still, then this may be the costume for you!

There are a ton of mermaid costumes out there, but this one is value priced at $34.99 and includes the dazzling dress and beaded headpiece. Oooh! Fancy!Costume SuperCenter | Halloween costume sales | Cash back shoppingDefending the planet of Eternia has never looked so awesome!

Admit it. If you saw your IT guy walking into work on Halloween sporting this padded muscle He-Man costume, it would be one of the best days ever.

Did you see those boot covers? The blonde wig? It’s all included at Costume SuperCenter for $62.99.


Some hilarious costumes for 2012 can be found at When you shop with KickItBack, you’ll get to earn 5% cash back.

BuyCostumes is featuring a new sale for each of the 13 first days of October. You can sign up for their newsletter, or simply visit their 13 Frightful Deals of Halloween page to catch what’s being featured next.If you loved the movie “Zoolander” than this Mugatu costume may be exactly what you need. Has training male model assassins ever looked so good?

This costume includes the shirt, wig and goatee so you’ll just need to add in your own black pants and shoes to make it complete.You’ll know you’ve hit it big when they start making Halloween costumes based on your catchy YouTube dance skills.

Grab this Psy Gangnam Style costume at BuyCostumes, but be sure to brush up on those famous dance moves for the full effect!Wait a minute.

What is happening here?

A Sassy Winnie the Pooh costume?

I’m sure this is just what A.A. Milne had in mind when he created the original silly old bear.

Please note, that I would not recommend this costume for a professional work environment, but hey, if you’re looking for something new and original, well…this may be it.

BuyCostumes says this costume is “for the girl who is sweet as honey”. Or maybe for the girl who loves classic literature or Disney cartoons, yet wanted to sass it up a bit. It’s your call.

This costume is exclusive to BuyCostumes, so it may be hard to track down at your local pop-up overnight costume shop.

Remember, if you shop with KickItBack, you can earn cash back on all your Halloween goodies. Paying full price and not earning those cash rewards? Now that’s frightening.

Remember to follow us on Facebook , Twitter or Pinterest for daily updates on the hottest deals of the season!

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