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MLK Day Savings at Aeropostale & OnlineShoes.com

January 21, 2013

Late January is a tough time to find great sales, but Aeropostale and OnlineShoes.com have got you covered this year with their one-day only Martin Luther King Day Sales! Remember that when you shop with KickItBack, you’ll earn cash back on your purchases (2% cash back at Aeropostale, 5% cash back at OnlineShoes.com).

Let’s get down to business. So what are these MLK Day Sales all about? What’s the deal?

How about saving $20 off orders of $80 or more at Aeropostale, and 25% off orders of $100 or more at OnlineShoes.com! How do you save? Well, that’s easy: Spend $80 or more at Aeropostale, and enter promo code MLK20 at checkout. Then, go get yourself some matching shoes at OnlineShoes.com, and when you spend $100 or more, enter promo code GET25OFF at checkout. This deal is only valid today (Monday, January 21st), so hurry on over and save!

Not only can you find these great savings on MLK Day, but you can also shop the clearance sections at each retailer to find deals of up to 70-80% off!

Remember shop with KickItBack to earn 2% cash back at Aeropostale, and 5% cash back at OnlineShoes.com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on how new deals!

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