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PacSun After Christmas Deals

December 29, 2011

Sure the holidays are a great time to surround yourself with family, food, and gifts, but when it comes to getting a low-down, almost shamefully good deal at PacSun on some of the freshest clothing and accessories you’ll find this side of the mountain (or beach), there’s no better time than now to shop!

Today, we’re going to help you ring in the New Year in style (and for cheap!) by taking a look at some of the most incredible finds at PacSun. And don’t forget, shopping with KickItBack will earn you an additional 3.5% cash back on your purchases!

Blue Dot Sale

PacSun is the place to shop when you’re looking for the hottest alternative apparel brands like Vans, RVCA, Hurley, Billabong, DC, WeSC, Brixton, and more! And you won’t find better deals than you will right now. During the Blue Dot Sale, you’ll find incredible Buy One Get One Free deals on items throughout the site!

Check out the awesome Parkit Jacket from Volcom. For just $149.98, you’ll get two for the price of one! We don’t need to tell you how amazing that deal is, do we? Especially when you consider this durable cotton bodied jacket is complimented by an equally comfortable and warm fleece lining, plenty of pockets for storage, an over-sized, fleece-lined hood, and all the style you’ve come to expect from Volcom.

They’ve got you ladies covered too; check out the Killing The Light Jacket from RVCA! The over-sized collar is perfect for an added dose of style on the shoulders, or for zipping up when the occasion calls for it. The textured outer gives you a great style, while the lightweight material makes this the perfect jacket for layering, or individual wear for a night on the town. Again, buy one of these bad boys for just $84.99, and get the second free!

You won’t find just jackets at the Blue Dot Sale. They’ve got scores of T-Shirts, button-ups, bottoms, swimwear, shoes, accessories and more. Make sure to head over now before the entire stock is gone!

New Year’s Sale

Yeah, we know: These savings are absolutely mind-blowing. But hold on, because we’re about to tack on even more savings! During the New Year’s Sale, you can receive 15% off $50 or more, 20% off $100 or more, or 25% off $150 or more! Just enter promo code NYSALE11 at checkout and watch the savings add up.

Remember to log in to your KickItBack account to receive your cash-back rewards. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates and hot new deals!

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