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Party Time! Excellent!

February 7, 2013

My kids both have springtime birthdays, and I like to get the majority of my party supplies online. During the party, I love being asked, “Where did you find these?” Probably a little too much, but hey, at least with KickItBack, I’m earning cash back on my party supply obsession, right?

Even though we’re still working on themes for this year’s birthday extravaganzas, I know that there are a ton of retailers on KickItBack to help me find what I need.

Here are some of my favorites!


No matter what theme we go with, my little girl insists on featuring her favorite color of all time: pink!

Walmart| Cash back shopping | KickItBackThe Martha Stewart party supply line is my favorite thing to drool over at Walmart and the pink poms-poms that are currently on sale for $14.94 are on our list for this year!

Have you seen the adorable lighted flower garland? I love it and I think it will add a cute touch to our decorations. We can reuse it for lots of other things as well. The lighted garland is also in the Martha Stewart party supply collection and is $13.40. Did I mention that the garland was battery operated? Seriously…I love that thing!

Walmart | Cash back shopping | KickItBack

Battery operated cuteness and 12 o'clock!

When I stock up at Walmart with KickItBack, I get to earn 2% cash back. Cash back always makes me do the happy-dance!


Are you a pinata household? I know that they have recently fallen out of favor with many event planners because of the potential injuries that invariably come when you hand a sugared-up kid a bat. Oh, yeah, and then you blindfold them. Sounds like a recipe for success, right?

Despite the warnings, and even though they’ve come out with those new “safer” pull-string pinatas, we still let our son have the old fashioned Whack-It-Til-It-Bleeds-Candy contraptions. He loves it and so do his buddies. (We make his little sister watch from inside, just to be safe!)

To combat the pinata-guilt, my husband and I like to add little toys and goodies to the inside of the pinata, instead of stuffing it with just candy. Turns out, the kids hauling in the goods like the little toys too! High-fives for being fun parents!

Target| cash back shopping | KickItBack

Who doesn't love classic toys falling from the sky? Thanks, Target!

I know that I have not been shy about my love for Target in the past, but seriously…I love Target. I am so glad that they are part of the KickItBack family and that I can get cash back for stuff that I was already planning to buy!

I love that I can get free shipping on my purchases by just signing up for their free Red Card. I decided to get the card that linked up to my debit card and now I get 5% off my Target purchase, 1.5% cash back from KickItBack and free shipping. Seriously! Am I dreaming? Is it raining money right now?

But back to pinatas.

Target has this great party favor mix that we love using in our potentially violent party activity. It’s got a bunch of classic little toys that the kids seem to go nuts over, and they don’t even seem to miss the lack of candy. These little toys also make great goody bag fillers and are totally worth the $9.94 price.

I am also in love with this Threshhold Vintage Glass Beverage Dispenser. Do I already own two beverage dispensers? Yes. Are either of those as awesome as this one? No.

Target | Cash back shopping | KickItBack

Drink dispensers are my weakness. Isn't this one adorable?

Target has this 5.5 liter dispenser (that’s nearly three pitchers of lemonade, people!) for just $24.99. If you don’t have a Red Card, the item will still qualify for free shipping if you hit the $50 mark in your cart with other eligible items.

Where do you like to stock up on party supplies? Be sure to follow KickItBack’s Party Time board on Pinterest to see all of our favorite party items! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the hottest new deals of the season.

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