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Spring Deals are Blooming at Aeropostale and PacSun

April 12, 2012

Spring is here and so are the deals! Most KickItBack retailers are ringing in the season with some great sales, but Aeropostale and PacSun in particular have several incredible offers for you to take advantage of. So without further adieu, let’s get right into it!


You know Aeropostale as your kid’s favorite store. They’ve got everything you need to keep your children looking great all year long. From stylish Tees and hoodies, to denim, wovens and outerwear, Aeropostale has got you covered. There are quite a few deals happening at Aeropostale right now, but not of them lasts very long so you’ve got to shop now to save big! Shopping with KickItBack will earn you an additional 2% cash back on your purchase.

Let’s take a look at the deals:

  • From now until April 15th, take $25 off when you spend $100 or more with coupon code 25SPRING at checkout
  • Find tons of great Summer graphic Tees starting at just $8 through April 18th
  • Solids, stripes and polo shirts can be yours from just $7 a pop from now until April 18th
  • Shop for the latest shorts from just $20 until April 18th
  • Stock up on camis and tank tops that start at $7 through April 18th


You’ll know PacSun as your kid’s other favorite store, but for entirely different reasons. PacSun carries a wide range of hot brands and styles, making the store a go-to when they don’t have a particular brand in mind. Head over and check out the styles and names, and you can be certain they’ll have some seriously tough choices to make. PacSun is known for their selection of skateboard, snowboard and alternative apparel. You’ll find the hottest styles and brands. Shop using KickItBack to receive 3.5% cash back on your purchase.

Let’s check out their incredible deals:

  • Right now you can buy any TWO markdown items and get 70% off from now until April 24th
  • Find deals of up to 75% off throughout the site
  • Men’s Tees are currently buy 3 get 1 free, plus get free shipping
  • Shop their incredible selection of colored demin starting at just $19 through April 25th
  • Finally, spend $75 or more and get free shipping on your order

These Spring-time deals won’t last long, so hurry over to save big. Remember to shop with KickItBack to receive your cash back rewards!

Shopping with KickItBack will earn you 2% cash back at Aeropostale, and 3.5% cash back at PacSun. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to keep up with the hottest new deals!

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