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Spring Savings at Pro Boardshop

March 15, 2012

The snow won’t be around for much longer and neither will the winter savings at Pro Boardshop, so get over to the store now to take advantage of some serious Spring melt off savings right now! You’ll find all sorts of deals on skis and snowboards, equipment, apparel, and more. And remember: shopping with KickItBack will earn you an additional 4% cash back on your purchase.

Nobody carries a better selection of boarding, skiing, and BMX equipment and apparel than Pro Boardshop, this we know as an indisputable fact. What you may not know is that their prices and the fact that their site is so easy to navigate is really what sets them apart from other board shops.

Right now, when you shop at Pro Boardshop, you’ll find huge savings on all kinds of winter gear from snowboards and skis to boots, bindings, outerwear and apparel, as well as goggles and other accessories. In fact, you can save up to 40% on winter items throughout the store!

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for at Pro Boardshop; simply choose the category, then sort through their extensive list of brands to find exactly what you’re looking for:

In addition to the winter savings event, you can also find snowboard packages starting at just $219.90 and ski packages from only $249.95!

Much like the snow on the ground, these deals won’t be around from much longer; get to Pro Boardshop now to take advantage of the best selection and prices of the season! And since we’re talking about snow sports, check out this awesome video:

Log in to your KickItBack account to receive your 4% cash back rewards. Check out our new-look Facebook and remember to follow us on Twitter and Google + to get daily updates!

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