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Valentine’s Day Reminder

February 9, 2012

True, we did already alert you to the incredible savings you can find at Zales, but that was before Valentine’s Day crunch time! So this week, we’re going to give you just a little reminder of some of the huge savings on beautiful jewelry being offered right now. Remember, shopping with KickItBack will earn you an additional 2% cash back on your purchase!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, you simply can’t go wrong with a fine piece of jewelry from Zales. Some may classify the selection at Zales as overwhelming. Sure, they’ve got a vast selection of styles with different gems and stones as well as an array of different precious metals to choose from, but that doesn’t mean shopping at Zales has to be stressful.

Zales allows you to refine your search quickly and easily. Refine first by gender and price, then choose the type of jewelry you’re looking for (options include earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more), then specify your search by choosing a specific stone, metal type, or color.

In addition to their selection of stunning jewelry, you’ll find some pretty stunning prices. If you shop before Valentine’s Day (February 14th, in case you forgot…), you’ll find savings of up to 60% off and guaranteed Valentine’s Day delivery. You can also check out their extensive range of gifts starting at just $49, or check out the limited edition Cherished Promise Ring, a gorgeous gift that will set you back only $99!

You don’t have a lot of time left, so head over to Zales today! Shop using KickItBack for 2% cash back on your puchase. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates and hot new deals!

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