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Winter Savings at Nautica

January 10, 2013

Gift-giving season is over, so now it’s time to take care of yourself. This especially applies if you didn’t get everything you wanted! One of our favorite retailers, Nautica, is the perfect place to find great gifts for yourself to really start the new year off with a dose of style.

Not only will you find stylish options (guy, girl…doesn’t matter!), you’ll also find huge discounts. That means you won’t have to break the bank! Plus, when you shop at Nautica using KickItBack, you will earn an additional 2.5% cash back on your purchases.

There are several fantastic deals happening right now at Nautica, so let’s take a look:

  • Buy 2 Get 20% off, Buy 3 Get 30% off, Buy 4 Get 40% off, plus free shipping with promo code WINTER13 (ends January 16)
  • Check out all kinds of new markdowns at the Winter Sale, and take an extra 30% off with promo code JAN30 (limited time only)
  • Take 20% off home items during the White Sale (begins January 15, while supplies last)

Now that we got the deals out of the way, let’s take a look at some great items you can find at Nautica right now!

It’s sweater season, and nowhere is that more apparent than at Nautica. Just one click will take you to the sale section, and you’ll be confronted with a wall of pixelated sweaters on your screen. 1/4 zips, 1/2 zips, cotton, wool, cable knits, shawls, cardigans — the options are endless, and the prices are bottom-of-the-barrel! Check out some of our favorite options for men:

You can’t go wrong with that Solid Cotton Cardigan. Made of a comfortable 60/40 cotton blend, and featuring front pockets and a stylish stripe along the opening, you’ll be looking good all winter and well into spring. When you knock that $98 price down to a cool $49, you’ll have a hard time doing any better.

For the ladies, there’s nothing better than a hot new top, and Nautica has some really great deals. Take the Matt Shine Shell shirt for example. This beautiful top is lightly pleated along the collar and features silky horizontal stripes, making it the perfect mix of elegant and casual. Right now, you can pick it up for just $45!

Nautica is also a great place to shop for bedding and home items. Along with a whole host of shams, comforters and bed skirts, you’ll find this little gem: the Laurel Bay Twin Comforter Set. It’s a classic, lightweight chambray comforter that is reversible with a clean floral print on the other side. The button details add a nice touch as well. At just $139 for the entire set, you’ll sleep sound knowing you saved a pretty penny. Not only that, but you’ll receive free shipping on just that item!

Shop now at Nautica to receive some of the best deals of the season — after all, you deserve it! Remember to shop using KickItBack to get that 2.5% cash-back reward.

You have to log in to your KickItBack account to ensure your cash-back rewards. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the hottest new deals of the season!

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